A B M Shawkat Ali
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
A B M Shawkat Ali holds a PhD from Clayton School of Information Technology, Monash University, Australia. He is a well known researcher in Machine Learning/Computational Intelligence in the international community. He has a strong scientific research publication record of Computational Intelligence applications in the area of Business, Engineering and Biomedical. All of his highly cited research papers are available in the Google Scholar. His books are using as a text over 30 universities around the Globe. His bio has been published by WikiPedia recently as an author in the area of Computational Intelligence. He has been awarded over $1.5M in competitive grants. Dr. Ali received Monash Publication Award from Monash University. He has also received Excellence in Supervision Award from CQUniversity in 2007 and Vice-Chancellor research excellence award 2014 from The University of Fiji. He is the Founding Director of the Centre of Smart Technologies at the University of Fiji, a research charity organization iLab-Australia in Australia. He has established two well popular international conferences in Fiji APWCE on CSE and APWCE in the areas of ICT and Engineering. He is well experienced in the domains of academic recruitments, job evaluation and international conferences hosting. Dr. Ali served as IEEE consultant for some three years in Australia. Currently he is a Senior Member of the world largest professional organization IEEE. His details are available Here .